Recap Year 2018

Before to say

How time flies! 2018 is totally gone.

This article should be finished by December 2018. However, I write it now, the second day of lunar new year. Since it is a so bored day and I have enough

time to recap the past 2018. Now I decide to summary it for some achievements and experience or just simplly note to myself. This helps me to stay focused on things I value and let me look back in case I want to see.


Exactly, it happened at the end of 2017. Generally, it is also a transformation, which is meanful for me. that's why I want to memorize it.

Moving to new flat

Since I got a new job and began to work in NanShan district. I migrated to NanShan from LuoHu, which save me a lot of time about commuting to work. The rent is almost the same but smaller size and newer room. view from the flat

It was a bit expensive for me at that time, because I just had a naked resignation and then went to ThaiLand for a short trip. what's more, I stay at home for months to reconsider my life. Then I just got the new job two weeks ago. Anyway, The new falt will imporve the quality of life I thought. Environment will change ones mine. you will become or affacted or learn from people around you.

After all , I have a 🐱 and I want it to live a better life.

Office relocation

Although I join the new company not so long, I felt luckily when they announcing to move to a quite large new office nearby previous one. This shows the company growing quickly. But the problem is the new offic is not ready to use at all! Many area is still not decoreted, including the meeting room, toilet and elevator. I still remember the air were full with terrible smell like formaldehyde and dust.

Of cause,all of us know the danger of air pollution. Some of them had to wearing an air mask... so ridiculous, There is no doubt that our company is not handle it well. For my poverty,as a newcomer,and fluke mind, I didn't quit. If I had another choice at that time, I think I will leave. After all, Life is an outward journey. The reason I stay here is just no more than "make a living"


To my surprise, This plan is actually ahead of schedule. Though,I just buy a new house in my hometown. Apparently, I can't afford to pay any down payment in ShenZhen currently. Thus, I go back to hometown chose to buy this house in the downtown, where this are enough supermarket, hospital and school around it. whatever,this is a city not so far from my working place. Obviously, It cost all my budge because I just graduated within 2 years 😂. Besides,I also borrow from friends and credit card. May be this is the poorest time(year) for me.


Still remember the day I went to Thailand for a wonderful trip after my first resignation. However, In this year,

more and more responsibility remind me saving money. I began to enjoy the fun of

explore parks and mountains and hills.

Never underestimate the joy of those low

cost activity, they give me tuns of energy. When your are tired,just stop and enjoy the view around you. They are the tresure of our big nature, something you can't buy with money like time. But most of people are unable to perceive it。


In the year 2018, I have been to BeiJing,GuangZhou and ShangHai. All of them have different experience. Unlike those busy tourists, I just slow down and visit those place in 1 month, without pre plan. I still remember the day that I went to QianMen for drinking tea and listening story at LaoShe tea inn even though now seldom young people would like to do that.

Always remember to look around to find those beautiful things whenever you want. Even if you are busy with your business, you deserve a break, or you will be dull and live like a machine.

Work change

In the first half of the year, I upgrade our projects, Using dotnet core to replace the old .net framework. Thus, I migrate my develop environment from Windows to Debian, one of my favorites operating system. I was so satisfy with this new Linux system. I worked here as a programer and responsible for writting micro service of our trade system. Since thouse services was refactored by dotnet core,they don't rely on Windows anymore,then we begin to use docker to simplify the procedure of deployment and maintenance.

CI/CD is such interesting thing that since you start the trip ,you probably won't stop it anyway. It is this experimental try then we add more feature like Jenkins and Portainer to make the CI/CD more intelligent. With company's business develop rapidly,We must consider to use some container orchestration. Finally we tend to use docker swarm as our final solution because it is so light,simple and fast enough. Code checking is also in our TODO list. Struggling for a week , sonar qube is accepted to use as code quality utils. gradually,this tiny devops solution is becoming more and more robust and it quite enrich my working experience is a sense. My manager also told me the plan of making it open source after cutting some internal modules(only suitable for our situation). click me to github

I become a solution engineer in the later half of the year. Most of time were spent on solution,which is base on our distributed cloud storage and Kuberneres. Obviously, I had to work as hard as i can about

cloud storage and Kubernetes, the new domain for me,lacking enough Chinese documents. For some of our solution we had to spend a lot of time for advanced research. What's more, I had to read the

source code of Kubernetes. In return, I succeed to finished 2 storage solution for k8s (in-tree plugin and CSI plugin),Including design and coding.


Attend KubeCon at ShangHai


Before I graduated from college,I was so energetic that always sleep very very late,or work over night. Sometimes,I have an extremely healthy life. For instance, Jogging around the university. doing various exercises. I never thought I had any health issues during that period. However, There’s no deny the fact health issue is becoming increasingly important to me. I don't dare to die. In this year,I feel so weak after suffering from several sicknessn even though the doctor told me not a big problem and I should keep a balance between working and resting. After that,I will not ignore the health issue. For example,I wolud drink hot water rather than cool cola. On the one hand,There’s more and more responsibility on shoulder ,like family ,housing loan and future . On the other hand, Try to think about other people who have a powerful background and brilliant experience , They’re still struggle for better life. Thus,I can not stop concerning about it and then force myself to exterminate this gap between those people. However

, I must highly care about both body and mental health for everyday. So,in this year, I have been seeing doctor for several time and some body check, sometimes,I can feel my heart is abnormal or tired. But luckily,the doctor told me don’t worry about it because I was a bit pressured .

My conclusion is that our body health is the most treasure of us. You can do nothing well when suffering from disease. Please treat yourself as well as you can.


Inevitably,Our fate will be quiet different due to the gap of people and the capability after we go out of the tower of ivory. It probably happend at every 3~5 year. Now I am facing the fourth yead, To be honest, I will not regret for what I did these years. At least, will not be shamed or guilty. No matter what obstacle in the past or any upcoming difficulty,Is will alwasy be there.

May be 2018 is the poorest year for me, without savings, fear of being sick and running in the rain. whatever, they are not so bad. Hence I would like to explore a more healthy lifestyle(

physical:more exercise, mental: more meditation).

then, embrace 2019 bravely and courageously